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A perfect Travel

Imran has put our travel expectations as well as our special wishes in
place perfectly.

Our 10 days journey in Rajasthan showed us many facets and attractions of Rajasthan. We enjoyed the land of the kings
which undiscovered to us every day new impressions, news discoveries, cultural, culinary, arts, religious and display of art and
architecture of the many Palaces with its incredible history and stories of Maradjahs and their Court.
a treasure of a state, so colourful, exotic and lively….It was like looking though a kaleidoscope 10 days long.
We enjoyed the alternance between the lively and busy cities and the quiteness of the open space areas and the nature.

Getting the contact with Imran was very easy, friendly and we quickly felt very confortable and welcome. He did guide us to and through Our
selected places in Rajasthan with minitious preparation but also openeness for spontaneous changes which we appreciated very much and
thank you for his kindness to make it possible as we have asked for that at many occasions. We had safe travel on the sometimes bad roads
with our careful driver always attentive to our wellbeing and health, with stops for cold water and fruits. We will certainly keep in our
memories the traditional daily afternoon Chai tea whereever we were just then at that time, bringing us in contacts with locals, always a
moment of pleasure and sharing. Imran has shown us many facets and beauties of his Rajasthan, in a passionate and unforgettable way. Thanks a lot.

The whole trip went very well, accomodation chosen were in line or even better than our expectations and the timely pickup of our driver
was “swiss timed”. Actually Imran had to wait for us because we were on vacation mode not watching our watch 😉 . To have a driver who
could guide us and translate to us was extremely useful . This was a fantastic experience and holiday for me and my daughter, we would go anytime again.
Roger, Switzerland

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Sicher reisen durch Rajasthan
Safe travelling through Rajasthan
Un Voyage toute en sécurité à travers le Rajasthan

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